Fashion Accessories in Qing Dynasty

追着清宫剧 再来看看历史上清宫妃嫔们的穿戴

时间:2018-08-24 15:53:15

Recently a TV show about the concubines of Qianlong emperor of Chinese Qing dynasty fighting for the emperor’s favor, power and status is extremely popular in China. Its fresh plots as well as the exquisite costumes and accessories won the public praise of Chinese audience. Many of you may have seen the stills from the show in your wechat moments. Today we would like to introduce you several common costumes and accessories in the royal court of Chinese Qing dynasty.



Qing dynasty (1636--1912) was the last feudal monarchy dynasty of China founded by Nvzhen, an ancient nationality in China. It is the second time in history of China being ruled by a Chinese minority after Yuan dynasty. On Feb 12th of 1912, the last emperor of Qing dynasty was forced to give up the throne and by then China had entered period of democratic revolution.


In ancient royal court, women had even more elaborate jewelry, evident in items in the Palace Museum's collections. From hair clasps to bracelets, the ornaments from the ancient royal court capture attention.


编辑: 田静怡