How to Deal with Emergencies in Shaanxi


时间:2018-09-10 15:12:12

It's always a good idea to know safety measures to ensure your safety regardless of circumstance. As many of you have been back to Xi’an from summer break, we believe it is necessary to let you know the phone numbers and contact methods for emergency services in Shaanxi.



In China, 110 (police number) may be used for all emergencies. While when there is an emergency situation but you are unable to call the police, Chinese police have other solutions for this. In Yantai, Guangzhou and Anhui, an online video alarm system has been developed by local police station which supports real-time video chat with the police. In addition, you can also call the police by texting 12110, but do keep in mind that this service is also only supported in part of China.


In Shaanxi, in addition to dialing 110, you can also call the police by wechat or texting 12110.


Call Police by Texting 12110



Call the police by texting 12110 can be used by the hearing and language disables, in addition, applied to special situations which you are unable to make the call.


This 12110 SMS was officially launched by Shaanxi public security department on March 28th of 2016. To text Shaanxi police, your number’s registration location must be in Shaanxi. Just send your help information to “12110+city code”, and the local police station will receive your message immediately.


For example, those in Xi’an should text 12110029, as 029 is Xi’an's city code.


Shaanxi police department suggests that the text to the police should be as brief as possible, with key information including your situation and location.


编辑: 田静怡