Didi Released New Policy


时间:2018-09-11 14:24:48

Last month, a Didi ride-sharing passenger was raped and killed by a Didi driver, which has caused the public’s concerns on ride-hailing safety and how to seek help from the police immediately in emergencies. Didi released a series of safety measures on Sept 4th to ensure the safety of both the passengers and drivers:



Starting from Sept 4th, the “emergency calling” selection of passenger-end was upgraded into “call police” by just pressing one button and “security center” quick access launched to help passengers get quick access to “call police” and “share status”. In addition, the upgraded version will also keep reminding passengers to add emergency contacts. Starting from Sept 13th, “call police” by pressing one button service will be launched on the Didi’s driver-end;


Starting from Sept 8th, full time recording will be on a trial run for express, premier and luxe car services in the premise of data being encrypted and the privacy of both drivers and passengers being protected;


From 23:00 of Sept 8th to 5:00 of Sept 15th, Didi services of taxi, express car, premier car, luxe car and ride-sharing system will be temporarily out of service from 23:00 to 5:00.


编辑: 田静怡