British Tourists Visiting Shaanxi

时间:2018-09-13 14:21:30



In 2018, with the launch of Sino-Europe Year of Tourism series activities, over thousands of British tourists arrived in Shaanxi to experience the charming of Shaanxi tourism in Sept. to experience the culture, the foods, and history of Shaanxi. The event “British Tourists Visiting Shaanxi” will open a new journey of the international communication of Shaanxi tourism.


On the evening of Sept. 12th, as one of the important activities of British Tourists Visiting Shaanxi & Tang-style Welcoming Ceremony which is hosted by Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission was held at the South Gate in Xi’an. All of the British guests listened to the song of praise from Tang Dynasty during the wonderful performance called The Guests Come to the Glorious age of Tang Dynasy(Bin Zhi Sheng Tang), which made the international tourists feel the vigorous and firm spirit of Chang’an.

在此次盛典开始前,陕西省旅游发展委员会主任高中印会见了英国Wendy Wu Tours公司董事长吴渝(Wendy Wu)一行,副主任陈梦榆、国际旅游促进处处长戴卫红等参加了会见。双方就下一步更好发挥“陕西旅游之窗”的作用,加强陕西旅游海外推广进行了深入交流。

Before the ceremony, Gao Zhongyin, the director of Shaanxi Tourism Development Commission, had a meeting with the Wendy Wu and the crew. Chen Mengyu, the Deputy Director, Dai Weihong, the Department Chief of International Tourism Initiatives and other representatives also attended the meeting. Both sides conducted in-depth communication about the role of Shaanxi Window of Tourism and strengthening the overseas promotion of Shaanxi tourism.

编辑: 田静怡