Xi’an Implements Garbage Classification!

警惕!垃圾乱扔或将被处罚 西安垃圾分类真的来了

时间:2018-09-17 16:31:14


With the development of the city, there are more than 8,000 tons of garbage produced in Xi’an per day, and it cannot be properly dealt with only by landfill disposal. On Sept 6th. , The People’s Government of Xi’an issued “the 2018 implementation plan of Xi’an Municipal Solid Waste Classification”, it means that if anybody throw garbage afterwards, he/she will be punished.


In Dahua Huayuan residence community, Beilin District, Xi’an City, there’s a different dustbin-smart garbage recycling machine. This machine can recycle seven types of materials, includes hazardous waste, glass, paper, beverage bottles, textile fabrics, plastic and metal. As the pilot district of garbage classification in Xi’an, this kind of smart garbage recycling machine in this district gained good results for over a month.


According to the implementation plan of The People’s Government of Xi’an, until the end of 2018, the regulation and institutional system of MSW classification will be established initially. The MSW will be divided into “four major types as the recycling, kitchen garbage, hazardous waste and the other waste. And it will implements “four steps” as classification and disposal, delivery, collection, transshipment and processing.


编辑: 田静怡