Riding Motorbikes is Legal in Xi’an Now!

解禁+全面开放上牌|想在西安骑摩托 你要知道这些

时间:2018-09-29 09:35:14

How to Get Your Motorbike Licensed & Registered in Xi’an

For many years, motorcycle had been totally banned inside the 3rd ring road in Xi'an. While the good news is that this regulation has been canceled and Xi’an now has restarted to accept applications of motorbike license and registration.



If you have a motorbike or plan to ride a motorbike in Xi’an, the first thing you should know is that it is illegal to ride in China without a Chinese motorcycle license or registering your motorbike. Therefore, we’ve consulted the Xi’an traffic office department and here’s what you need to know about to get a motorbike driving license and register your motorbike in Xi’an.


1. Getting a motorbike license for the first time in China:


2. If you already have one from your home country


3. If you’re stopped by the police and don’t have a motorbike license


4. How to register your motorbike?


编辑: 田静怡