Once upon a Bite


时间:2018-11-08 17:42:22

Recently, a food documentary has been


extremely popular on Chinese social media…



Once upon a Bite


Once upon a Bite tells stories of Chinese cuisines from a global perspective. It talks about the peculiarity of Chinese cuisines and their close connections with people. The characters and spirits of Chinese nation are both reflected by changes and development of cuisines. Each detail can take you into a totally fresh world of cuisines.


To film this documentary, the crew travelled all over the six continents. From French to Spanish and Peru to Ethiopia, they have visited over 20 countries. It consists of 8 episodes, with a length of 50mins each. Super microcosmic filming and photomicrography technologies were used to film this documentary to present the most splendid moment of food.



编辑: 田静怡