Shaanxi Products Expo is being Held


时间:2018-11-10 11:44:10



On Nov. 10th., 09:30 am, as one of the major events during the 8th. SGHM Economic Cooperation Week, Shaanxi Products Expo is being held in Guangzhou. Start from today, the three-day exhibition will be formally carried out in Guangzhou.


Guo Shaomin, deputy director general of the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, Li Yongyi, deputy director general of the Department of Commerce of Guangzhou Province,and other community leaders attended the event.Ma Shengli, director of The People’s Government of Shaanxi Province Guangzhou office, hosts the meeting.


This exhibition covers an area of 5000㎡, and involves over 200 enterprises. Three zones for exhibition, promotion and communication are set up to exhibits Shaanxi tourism, advanced technology, advanced manufacturing, agricultural specialties and local food, aiming at enhancing the recognition, influence and market occupancy of Shaanxi enterprises.

编辑: 田静怡