Guangzhou Citizens Visit Expo


时间:2018-11-10 16:43:49



On Nov. 10th, Shaanxi Products Expo is being held in Guangzhou, over 200 enterprises from Shaanxi took part in this exhibition. Shaanxi tourism, advanced technology, advanced manufacturing, agricultural specialties and local food are mainly exhibited. Many local people started to line up early this morning.



In the Cultural and Creative Tourism Zone, several Guangzhou citizens took the umbrellas with the patterns of Ansai paper cutting and take photos. They say: “Shaanxi paper cutting is very beautiful, and it’s very nice to add this kind of traditional handicraft with daily supplies, which will make young generations to know more about traditional paper cutting. Guangzhou also has paper cutting, but the pattern is much easier than yours. We normally do the patterns like fish and shrimp which means more sons and more blessings”.



On the second floor of the exhibition hall, the reporter saw an old man tasting Fu tea, a special product of Shaanxi Province. According to introducing, this old man surnamed Wang, his home home is in Shaanxi Jingyang. Knowing that Shaanxi Jingyang Fu Tea came to Guangzhou for exhibition, Mr. Wang and his wife come to visit their hometown and tasted Fu Tea.


It is understood that the Shaanxi Famous Articles Exhibition is one of the important activities of the 8th Shaanxi-Guangdong-Hong Kong High Economic Cooperation Week. The exhibition will be held in Guangzhou until November 12. Guangzhou citizens can participate in the exhibition free of charge. After the exhibition, relevant activities of Shaanxi will continue to be promoted in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao.

编辑: 田静怡