AI Warriors on Shaanxi Products Expo

兵马俑智能手办亮相陕西名品展 现场唱起华阴老腔

时间:2018-11-12 10:16:17


Since the second meta-culture began to prevail, we can see that any hot animation show will certainly bring fire to many surrounding industries. Of course, the most famous perimeter is Garage Kitse. And the world-famous Terracotta Warriors has produced many Garage Kits. However, have you seen Terracotta Warriors singing Huayin opera?



A group of Q-edition terracotta warriors attracts everyone's attention during the Shaanxi Famous Exhibition held in Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition and Trade Center in these two days. It is understood that this is a new artistic creation of the Qin figurines with artificial intelligence technology - "intelligent figure of Qin Feng, the soldiers of the Qin Dynasty ". It has many high-tech functions such as artificial intelligence, voice interaction, customizable recording and so on. It can speak random stories, singing Huayin opera. If you own two such terracotta warrior figures, they can also chat with each other and even speak Shaanxi dialect!


According to the head of the expo, this is an attempt to making interesting culture combining with high technology, in order to make Shaanxi's Millennium culture alive. In May, "intelligent figure of Qin Feng, the soldiers of the Qin Dynasty “also won the gold medal of the first Qinshihuang Museum Cultural Creativity Competition. “We bring this product to Guangzhou to participate in the exhibition, to attract more people to pay attention to the history and culture of Shaanxi. These two days in the exhibition has indeed received the attention of many Guangzhou citizens. Then our goal has been achieved.


It is understood that the Shaanxi exhibition will be exhibited in Guangzhou till November 12th. The Cultural and Creative Tourism Zone set up at the exhibition is a measure taken by Shaanxi Province to strengthen cultural exchanges in Shaanxi, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, to further explore and make good use of Shaanxi's rich and superior cultural resources, so as to promote the development and prosperity of Shaanxi's culture.

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编辑: 田静怡