China-EU Tourism Year Closing Ceremony


时间:2018-11-16 14:58:22


The year 2018 is the 43rd year of the establishment of diplomatic relationship and the 15th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU. The "China-EU Tourism Year" is an important event jointly organized by China and the European Union. It has built a platform for exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit, pragmatic and efficient for China and the EU.



During China-Europe Tourism Year, China and the European Tourism Commission have jointly created a series of exciting cultural tourism exchange activities:


On January 19th, the "China-EU Tourism Year" kicked off in Venice, Italy, the Millennium "Water City";


On March 2nd, the EU's 66 landmark buildings in 18 member states including Belgium, France, Spain and Italy used "China Red" to light up famous landmarks around the Lantern Festival;


On May 9th, 32 landmark scenic spots of 18 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Xi'an, were illuminated by the "EU Blue" in commemoration of the European Day of European Integration.


On August 4th, as one of the key activities of the "China-EU Tourism Year" in 2018, the Chinese theme fireworks festival was held in the famous "Small Europe" miniature landscape park in Brussels, Belgium, on the evening of the 4th.


On October 9th, the exhibition "Enthusiasm Europe: Mysterious Treasures" of the China-EU Tourism Year opened in Beijing, and 28 member states of the European Union jointly promoted European tourist destinations in China.


October 30th, Railway transportation between China and Europe exceeded 1000 for the first time in 2018


On February 6th, 2018, during the Shaanxi Provincial Government Delegation's visit to the United Kingdom, the Shaanxi Tourism Delegation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wendy Wu Tourism Co., Ltd. of the United Kingdom, setting up the first overseas "Shaanxi Tourism Window" in the United Kingdom.


On March 7th, Shaanxi's tourism products made a surprise appearance at the ITB International Tourism Fair in Berlin, Germany.


On August 4th, friends from the Netherlands drove all the way along the Silk Road to the ancient city of Xi'an. Shaanxi's tourism warmly welcomed and promoted the culture of Shaanxi.


On August 13th, Shaanxi Tourist Promotion Group entered Europe and carried out a wealth of publicity and marketing activities in Finland and Russia.


On September 12th, Shaanxi welcomed thousands of British visitors to Shaanxi with Tang style grand welcoming ceremony as an important part of the series of tourism promotion activities of "China-Europe Tourism Year". It made the British visitors know Chinese culture and shared the new changes of Shaanxi with the world.


The closing ceremony of the "China-EU Tourism Year" in 2018 will be held in Xi'an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. At that time, China-EU cultural tourism cooperation will be pushed to a new height through bilateral dialogue, cultural exchanges, and negotiations.


The closing ceremony of the "China-EU Tourism Year" in 2018 is not an end, but another boost for China-EU tourism cooperation in a deeper and broader field.

编辑: 田静怡