Chopsticks do's and don'ts


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Chopsticks, or kuaizi in Chinese, are a pair of small equal-length tapered sticks, usually made of wood, bamboo, bones, porcelain, ivory, metal and plastic, used for eating Asian food. It is believed the first pair of chopsticks were developed over 5,000 years ago in China. The earliest evidence of a pair of chopsticks made out of bronze was excavated from the Ruins of Yin near Anyang, He’nan province, dating back to roughly 1200 BC.


Chopsticks play an important role in Chinese food culture. Chinese chopsticks are usually 9 to 10 inches long and rectangular with a blunt end. They are round on the eating end which symbolizes heaven, and the other end is square which symbolizes earth. This is because ancient Chinese believe that maintaining an adequate food supply is the greatest concern between heaven and earth.


Chopsticks are so frequently used in daily life that they have become more than a kind of tableware or a set of etiquette and customs.


Chinese Chopsticks Customs/中国烙印:


There is an old Chinese custom that chopsticks is a part of a girl's dowry, since the pronunciation of chopsticks in Chinese – kuaizi is similar to "soon" and "baby", which conveys a blessing from the parents - may you have a baby soon.


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