How to Protect yourself from Smoggy Days


时间:2018-12-07 10:26:13

Guess you’ve seen the power of smog in the past weekend, while don’t be surprised, because it is highly possible that you will meet heavy smog again in Xi’an in the next few days.



Here are two photos taken at the Xi’an Xianyang Airport above and below the clouds.



According to the statistics from the Ministry of Ecological Environment, from January to October of 2018, the air quality of three cities in Shaanxi province - Xi’an, Xianyang and Weinan rank among the last 20 out of the 169 major cities in China.



In the past November, the air quality in Xi’an has reached above good for only half of the month, which makes it very important for us to keep you noted of what you should know and how to deal with the smog.


编辑: 田静怡