Comfort Food Collection for Winter!


时间:2018-12-07 11:01:03

今天一大早,天公作美,下起了今年入冬以来的第一场雪~小编赶紧趁着雪花还在漫天飞舞给自己叫了杯应情应景的热巧克力,说到这里,小编给大家插播一条安利:Luckin Coffee,最近在西安拔地而起,优惠券多多哦,最适合冬天在宿舍/家叫个暖杯咖啡啦~

The first snow of 2018 came to Xi’an this morning, making it the best time for a cup of Hot Chocolate! As for the coffee, here we recommend you a new startup brand in China, Luckin Coffee. It now has more than 14 hundreds stores in China and 23 stores in Xi’an. Just download their app “Luckin Coffee” and you’ll get many coupons. And the 1st cup is free,I believe you will like it:


编辑: 田静怡