Top Ski Resorts in & around Xi’an


时间:2018-12-14 15:08:57

I guess one thing good about this cold and smoggy winter is that the ski resorts around Xi’an finally start to operate! If you are looking for something interesting to do in this annoying season, go skiing! Below is a list of the details of 6 major ski resorts in & around Xi’an, check this out!


Aoshan Ski Resort



Aoshan Ski Resort is the largest one equipped with the most comprehensive and advanced facilities in Shaanxi. Currently it has 10 ski slopes with a total length of 7km for primary learners, intermediate and senior skiers. The snow field covers an area of 350,000㎡, and the snowboarding zone and entertainment zone covers an area of 15,000㎡. The whole ski resort can hold the capacity of up to 8000 visitors at the same time.


Ticket to Primary slope/初级套票:

Weekdays: 198rmb/4 hours; 258rmb/all day

Weekends: 268rmb/4 hours; 318rmb/all day



Ticket to senior slope/高级套票:

Weekdays: 258rmb/4 hours; 298rmb/all day

Weekends: 298rmb/4 hours; 368rmb/all day



Add: Aoshan holiday resort, Tangkou village, Jutou township, Taibai county, Baoji


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