How to Get the Cheapest Ticket in China


时间:2018-12-28 15:37:01

The winter break and Spring Festival holiday are coming right away! Going home or travelling, have you made plans? Either way you’ll need this guide below of how to get the cheapest tickets of Chinese airlines!


Member’s Day会员日

Every Chinese airline has a member’s day monthly. Normally the ticket price will be the lowest on this day. Register member first and buy flight tickets on their own official websites. If you book tickets two months earlier, you’ll get even lower price.


Air China | Every same day of the same month, for example, Jan 1st, Feb 2nd…

国航 | 每月同月同日 1月1日,2月2日以此类推

China Southern Airlines | Every 28th

南方航空 | 每月28日

China Eastern Airlines | Every 18th

东方航空 | 每月18日

Hainan Airlines | Every 8th

海南航空 | 每月8日

Spring Airlines | Every 27th

春秋航空 | 每月27日

Shenzhen Airlines | Every 12th

深圳航空 | 每月12日

Xiamen Airline | Every 9th

厦门航空 | 每月9日

Sichuan Airlines | Every 19th day of every quarter – March 19th, June 19th, Sept 19th, Dec 19th

四川航空 | 每一季的19日 就是3月19日、6月19日、9月19日、12月19日

Juneyao Airlines | Every 25th

吉祥航空 | 每月25日

Five Chinese airlines with the largest promotion


China Southern Airlines南方航空

Every 28th day of every month at 00:00, there’re about 600 air routes doing big promotions. Tickets are usually priced from 80rmb.


West Air西部航空

If you depart from Zhengzhou or Chongqing, mark this air company now! Every Wednesday at 10:00, it provides about 40 air routes at the price of only 38rmb.


Lucky Air祥鹏航空

If you are off to Yunnan province, Lucky Air has nearly 100 air routes at the price of 88rmb on every Thursday at 15:00.


Sichuan Airlines四川航空

Sichuan Airlines has four big promotions in a year on March 19th, June 19th, Sept 19th and Dec 19th.


Spring Airlines春秋航空

Unscheduled promotion on every 9th; promotion on official website on every 15th; member’s day on every 27th.


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