2019 Spring Festival Guide in Xi'an(1)


时间:2019-02-05 11:13:26


It is estimated that about 400 million people will select the new way, “Great Year of Tourism”, to celebrate Spring Festival. Xi’an is selected to be TOP15 of destination cities.


If you still don’t know what to do during the Spring Festival, pick it up. I will give you the most complete list, and bring you a "the most Xi’an style, the most cultural, the most technological, and the most fashionable" Xi'an Spring Festival feast!


2019 "Xi'an Year • Most China" Event



Date: 31st Dec. 2018- 6th Mar. 2019


Location: Dayan Pagoda North Square, Creative New Times Square


Activity Contents: The theme performance named "Returning to the Wild Goose Pagoda" and thousands of people praying for activities are the beginning of the opening ceremony of Xi'an Year. The closing ceremony adopts the form of “Awarding Ceremony + Literary Performance”, which is selected as the theme of awarding “The Most Popular”, “The Most Artistic”, “The Most Beautiful”, “The Most Touched”, “The Most Technology” and “The Most Folklore”.

编辑: 田静怡