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开学季| 送给爱看书的你

时间:2019-02-25 15:12:37

Have you ever tried having a book, a cup of coffee, and spending an afternoon with yourself?


If you want to read books, the library is indeed a good choice. However, the facilities and atmosphere of some bookstores are quite different from that of the library. Each bookstore has its own unique style. Today we have some recommendations of the newest bookstores in Xi’an.




As an old brand from Shanghai, READWAY is known as its imported original editions and minority translations. The spiral stairs stand in the middle of the store also attracts lots of people to come to take photos. READWAY not only has books, but also has many limited editions of garage kits. If you like to collect garage kits, just come here!



Add: Zhongda International Mansion, F5 of No.30 on the South Street


Time: Spring&Winter: 10:00-21:30; Summer&Autumn: 10:00-22:00


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