Benefits for Female Employees


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Recently China announced new measures to ban gender discrimination against women in recruitment and this topic immediately became the most searched hashtag on Weibo, a Chinese social media. As it has become a hot topic, today on Women’s Day, we sort out some beneficial policies for female employees in Shaanxi, check this out!


International Working Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year to encourage important contributions and achievements made by women in economy, politics and society. It is also a focal point in the movement for women's rights to fight for peace, equality and further development. 


Statutory half-day recess


The “Statutory Holiday Measures” issued by the China State Council regulates that Women’s Day (March 8th) is a statutory holiday for female employees, women who are involved in an employment relation are allowed to have half-day recess.


Forbid asking female hires for marital or fertility status in recruitment


On Feb 22nd, nine government departments including Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Ministry of Education has announced that no requirements for gender should be included in any recruitment plans or interviews. It is also forbidden to ask about the marital or fertility status of women candidates during interviews, and pregnancy testing should be off the list of pre-employment health test.


Rule breakers will be fined from 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan if they refuse to correct their practices. HR service providers may have their licenses revoked for serious offenses, according to the document.

对用人单位、人力资源服务机构发布含有性别歧视内容招聘信息的,依法责令改正;拒不改正的,处1万元以上5万元以下的罚款;情节严重的人力资源服务机构,吊销人力资源服务许可证 。

Build a supervisory mechanism


Open receptions and build hotlines - 12333, 12338 and 12351 by accepting reports and complaints of gender discrimination in employment to supervise employers and offer legal aid to women employees.


Period Leave 痛经假

Issued on March 1st, 2018, the “Special regulations in protection of female employees in Shaanxi Province” announced that special labor protection measures are provided for female employees who are in their periods, pregnancies, maternities and lactations. It specifies that female employees who are suffered from the pain caused by their periods are allowed to have one day or two days leave with the medical certificate issued by a medical institution above the level of grade II.


168 Days of Maternity Leave


Female employees with eutocia are allowed to have 98 days of maternity leave, including 15 days leave before the maternity, and in addition, puerperae are also allowed to have other maternity leaves under legal regulations, stated by the “Special regulations in protection of female employees in Shaanxi Province”.


“Regulations on population and family planning in Shaanxi province” states that female employees who bear children legally are allowed to have additional 60 days leave based on the statutory maternity leave and in addition, female employees who did pre-pregnancy check are allowed to have ten more days leave. Therefore, the maternity leave of eutocia can be 168 days long.


Prohibits sexual harassment of women


The law on Women's Rights Protection regulates that "prohibits sexual harassment of women" and empowers women to "lodge complaints" to relevant organizations. The General Rule of Civil Law, Public Security Management Punishment Law and Penal Law also have relevant laws on sexual harassment to abide by.


Enjoy your half-day break from work! 

And happy Women's Day!


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