[Half-Price]Spring Outing Guide


时间:2019-03-13 17:29:22

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. More and more people begin to make a plan for spring outing. Today, here is a spring outing guide for you guys!


Hanzhong Liping Scenic Spot汉中黎坪风景区


The rape flowers of Hanzhong have always been the hotspot for spring outing. This year, Hanzhong Liping Scenic Spot reduce their ticket price by 50%:

Time: March 12th to April 30th



油菜花海Rape Flowers


Liping is located in the center of Daba Mountains where is at a high altitude and low temperature, for this reason, the spring of this place comes later than the other places. When the flowers of other fields in Hanzhong become rapeseed, it’s the time for blooming in Liping. It’s absolutely a special view of Hanzhong basin.


5D玻璃桥 5D Glass Bridge


The Fenglin Bridge in the scenic spot is upgraded to the 5D glass bridge now, which uses high-techs to show the sound and light. It is the only one 5D interaction glass bridge in Hanzhong City.


编辑: 田静怡