[Half-Price]Spring Outing Guide


时间:2019-03-13 17:29:22

秦岭国家植物园Qinling National Botanical Garden


The planning area of Qinling National Botanical Garden is of 639 square kilometers, it is the largest botanical garden all over the country. The garden contains 1641 kinds of plants species, the original forest, grand canyon, waterfall and the ancient pland path are all well preserved.



There are over 40 species of national rare and endangered protected animals, such as panda, crested ibis, golden monkey and takin.



Greenhouse: This exhibition hall is one of the most-featured greenhouses in the world built by Qinling National Botanical Garden. It is planned to collect 5000 kinds of rare plants. The greenhouse is divided into five themes, plants area, hylaea area, dwarf plants area, water plants area and desert plants area. 



March and April is a perfect time to enjoy flowers in this park.


Ticket price: 45RMB for adults, 20RMB for children.


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