Nepal Travel Notes | Pokhara


时间:2019-03-21 17:40:01


Invited by Nepal’s ambassador to China and Nepal National Tourism Administration, 5 people of Shaanxi media delegation came to Nepal to interview from Jan. 19th to 26th. At present, Xi’an has already started to operate the direct flight from Xi’an to Katmandu, Nepal. Through this opportunity, reporters of are able to travel through the mysterious nation, Nepal, and introduce this wonderful Nepal to Shaanxi netizens.


After four-hours driving, we arrived in Bokhara, the second largest city of Nepal. Bokhara is the must-visit place in Nepal for Chinese people.



When we just arrived at the Fewa Lake, we found that Bokhara is a more international city than Katmandu. Every shop translates its name in three languages, English, Korean and Chinese. Both of Alipay and Wechat pay are available there.



Fewa Lake is the second largest lake of Nepal, which is also the most attractive scenery of Bokhara. Boating on the Fewa Lake, the soft wind kissed our check, the unbroken mountains came into our sights. It was so comfortable.

编辑: 田静怡