Nepal Travel Notes| Durbar Square


时间:2019-03-22 15:12:35


Invited by Nepal’s ambassador to China and Nepal National Tourism Administration, 5 people of Shaanxi media delegation came to Nepal to interview from Jan. 19th to 26th. At present, Xi’an has already started to operate the direct flight from Xi’an to Kathmandu, Nepal. Through this opportunity, reporters of are able to travel through the mysterious nation, Nepal, and introduce this wonderful Nepal to Shaanxi netizens.


Our flight was delayed as usual, we were waiting at a terrace over chatting with other countries’ tourists at airport. Here is Nepal, the time is used for relaxation.



We attended a wedding ceremony in Chitwan, but we didn’t see the bride and the bridegroom. We met another couple of newly-married at the terrace. The tattoo on bride’s arm is very special, it was painted by a kind of pigment and other plant pigment.

编辑: 田静怡