HAIL BUSES in Xi’an Soon!


时间:2019-04-03 15:51:44

Online bus-hailing service will be put into a trial operation in Xi’an soon this year, by then 40 new bus routes and 100 commuter routes will be opened!


What is Online Bus-hailing Service?



Bus-hailing service is a new mode of online bus ordering service. It’s a kind of innovation and development based on the regular bus transport to offer citizens timely and personalized bus-to-door service. 

In 2019, Xi’an will launch this new initiative of bus transportation, by then 40 new bus routes, 100 commuter routes as well as online bus-hailing routes will be opened. In addition, buses from downtown Xi’an to rural areas of districts and counties, tourist bus routes and customized bus routes will also be upgraded and opened.



编辑: 田静怡