Why Xi’an is a Favorite Destination for Expats


时间:2019-04-16 10:15:26

Last year we published a survey initiated by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs regarding the most attractive Chinese cities for expats, and the voting result has been published yesterday on the 17th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals held in Shenzhen, southeast China.


Xi'an has been voted as one of the ten most attractive cities for the first time! 

The rest nine cities are Shanghai, Beijing, Hefei, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin and Wuhan. 

Thank you all for your votes!




This survey was launched in last November, a total of 3054 votes with signatures from foreign experts and 94849 online votes were collected. The members of international judging panel was constituted by Nobel Prize laureates and Chinese Friendship Award recipients and the result was reviewed based on 4 criteria and 18 indexes including policy, government, working and living environment.

Xi'an being voted as one of the most attractive Chinese cities recognizes the effort that Xi’an has made in the improvement of overseas talents’ innovation and entrepreneurship as well as working and living environment, and it also shows the substantial promotion of Xi’an’s international popularity and influence. In the future, Xi’an is to implement more preferential policies to help foreign employees create a better living and working environment here in Xi’an.




编辑: 田静怡