New Inter-city Railway to be Open in Xi’an


时间:2019-04-17 16:45:45

In order to strengthen the connection of cities and counties in Guanzhong Plain as well as the economic and social development, Xi’an is to build inter-city railways from Xi’an to Famen Temple and from Xi’an to Hancheng.





Xi'an to Famen Temple inter-city railway loop line


Stations 站点一览

Xi’an- Famen Temple- Xi’an Xianyang International Airport line starts from Xi’an North Station, passes Liquan County, Qian County, Famen Temple, Mei County, Zhouzhi County and Huyi District to the terminus - new Xi’an South Station. The whole line is 235km long, with the available speed of 200km per hour based on the inter-city railway standard. There are 13 stops along the route including Linping, Zhaogong, Famen Temple, Wujing, Mei County, Honghe Valley, Taibai Mountains, Yabai, Zhouzhi, Louguan, Zu’an, Huyi and New Xi’an South Station.



编辑: 田静怡