The Full Guide of Marvel Series

《复联4:终局之战》| 请你收下这份漫威系列的观影指南

时间:2019-04-26 11:45:23


Since from the April 24th, the premiere day of Avengers: Endgame, its box has already broken through one billion RMB easily!



Except a number of determined fans of Marvel, there still are lots of people just began to be interested in Marvel and Avengers since from the Endgame this time. So as your fellow, here is a full guide of Marvel series movies for you guys:


Above all, we need to know about the time-space background of these Avengers:



What’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe - or MCU for short - is the shared place where all 22 films featuring the comic book characters are set.


Each tells its own distinct story but also connects with other films in the MCU, to tell an overarching tale. It's a technique Marvel Comics pioneer Stan Lee also used in his comics.


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