Desperate Moments When Learning Chinese


时间:2019-05-27 10:58:15

UNESCO has published the three most difficult languages in the world, Chinese is undoubtedly the top one. Even so, there are still increasing numbers of foreigners continuously starting to enter the "big trap" of learning Chinese.



A previous news reported that Russia is about to add Mandarin to its College Entrance Exam in 2019, it seems like “the whole world is learning Mandarin, and Confucius is becoming world-renowned” - just like the song says.

前阵子有新闻报道,2019年俄罗斯将汉语纳入“俄罗斯高考”, 正如一首歌里面唱道:




As a lot of people are learning Chinese nowadays, how much do you know about the secrets of Chinese? Take a look at the following three questions to see if you could understand.





Many people are at a loss about these questions. To those who put a lot of efforts to study Chinese, these may be the most desperate moments. It is said that even those students who reached HSK 6 couldn’t fully get the meaning of these sentences below, let’s check out!






Is it hard to understand? In addition to the desperate moments while learning Chinese, there are also some interesting stories…


A friend of mine said once he took a taxi with a foreigner, and when they should turn left on the next crossroads, the foreigner pointed to the left but said “turn right” to the taxi driver. Apparently, he mixed up right and left in Chinese. Have you ever shared the same experience?

A Chinese teacher warned his international students to watch out the car when crossing the road by saying “看车”(literally means look at the car), and unexpectedly his students immediately stopped and started to watch the passing vehicles. Actually, the real intention of the teacher is to warn them to keep distance with cars and watch out while crossing the road.



Chinese language has an extensive and profound sense which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and complicated languages in the world. Most of its unexplainable parts are closely related to cultural backgrounds which are customary and conventional. Anyhow, never give up learning Chinese and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel one day.


编辑: 田静怡