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时间:2019-05-31 16:44:03

Below is the collection of concerts, shows and exhibitions of this June of 2019 in Xi'an, check out what's going on next month!

Music 音乐

Rynten Okazaki's Tour, Xi'an Station



Rynten Okazaki is an outstanding master of acoustic guitar in Asia, whose adapted guitar solos have influenced the finger-style guitar artists in Asia of an era.

Time: June 1st, Saturday, 19:30-21:00

Add: Aperture's Club, Tian pin xi an, 1 Huancheng West Road (south section), Lianhu District, Xi’an

Ticket fare: 100-280rmb

Ticket link:

亚洲出类拔萃的原声吉他大师,冈崎伦典改编的吉他曲影响了一个时代的亚洲指弹演奏家。 他曾将许多广为传唱的流行金曲改编成吉他独奏,其和弦搭配独到、技巧应用恰当。

时间: 06月01日 周六 19:30-21:00

地点: 西安市莲湖区环城西路南段1号天品西岸 光圈CLUB

费用: 100 - 280元

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