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时间:2019-05-31 16:44:03

Second Hand Rose's 2019 Tour in Xi'an

二手玫瑰2019巡演 西安站


Second Hand Rose is a Chinese rock band from Beijing. The band is known for its bold combination of traditional Chinese instruments with solid rock & roll fundamentals. During their tour of 2019, audiences will get the entry invitation to their music carnival.

Time: June 16th, Sunday, 20:30-22:00

Add: MAO Livehouse, Chuang yi gu plaza, east Yanxiang Road, Qujiang New District

Ticket fare: 209rmb

Ticket link:


时间: 06月16日 周日 20:30-22:00

地点: 曲江新区雁翔路东创意谷广场MAO Livehouse

费用: 209元

编辑: 田静怡