Places to pray for Muslims in Xi'an


时间:2019-07-12 10:32:52

Xi'an has a large Muslim group. We know that Muslim street is a great place to eat halal food and to worship in the mosque. All the shops here are operated and run by the local Chinese Muslim community, most of them are from the Hui ethnic group, so it's the best place to immerse yourself in the local culture of Xi'an's thriving Chinese Muslim community. So today let's have a look at some best-preserved places to pray for Muslims.


Great Mosque of Xi'an



When people talk about mosque, minaret is the very first thought that comes to mind. However, unlike most mosques in Middle East or Arab countries, the Great Mosque of Xi'an is completely Chinese in its construction and architectural style, except for some Arabic lettering and decorations, for the mosque has neither domes nor traditional-style minarets. Great Mosque of Xi'an combined Islamic culture with Chinese traditional architecture seamlessly and became one of the most featured and renowned mosques in China.

The mosque is also known as the Huajue Mosque (Chinese: 化觉巷清真寺; pinyin: Huàjué Xiàng Qīngzhēnsì), for its location on Huajue Lane. It is sometimes called the Great Eastern Mosque (Chinese: 东大寺; pinyin: Dōng Dàsì) as well, because it sits east of another Xi’an’s oldest mosques, Daxuexi Alley Mosque (Chinese: 大学习巷清真寺; pinyin: Dàxuéxí Xiàng Qīngzhēnsì).



Address: No.30 Huajue Lane, Lianhu District, Xian

Opening Hours:

July 7th to Sept 15th: 08:00-21:00

Sept 16th to July 6th (the following year): 08:00-19:00



7月7日至9月15日 08:00-21:00

9月16日至次年7月6日 08:00-19:00

编辑: 田静怡