New Rules on Foreign Teacher Qualifications

在中国当外教 需要具备哪些条件?

时间:2019-07-17 10:06:56

A new regulation was released yesterday by China's six central government departments, led by the Ministry of Education, aiming at online tutoring services, including the requirements on foreign teachers.


According to the regulation, many online training platforms have been found to have various problems, such as “vulgar and harmful information and online games” not related to learning, test taking-centered tutoring that flouts the law of education, poorly qualified tutors and difficulties for consumers requesting refunds.



In-service teachers at elementary and middle school are not allowed to provide on-line tutoring services. And tutors in Chinese, mathematics, English, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, and biology need to have the corresponding teacher qualifications prescribed by the state.



The employment of foreign tutors must abide by relevant regulations. Foreigner tutors are required to provide details of their names, photos, personal educational history, work experience and relevant accreditation to publish on the online training platform.



Also, the training institutions, and their contents, as well as personnel, have to be recorded by provincial education authorities. It states that relevant certificates as education history, work experience and relevant accreditation are needed if service providers use foreign learning resources.



In addition, tutoring sessions should not exceed 40 minutes, and be followed by a break of at least 10 minutes, while live streamed tutoring for students in the domestic compulsory education stage should not take place later than 9pm.


In addition to online tutoring, China has explicitly stipulated in the “Notice on foreign experts work permit in China” that foreigners involving foreigner language teaching should be qualified with the standards of the B general professionals and must obtain work permit.


The B general professionals include foreigners who can fill "short-term gaps, especially in management and technical areas", adding that in areas such as international trade, sports, culture and education consultancies, the Chinese employers are expected to set hiring limits after weighing in factors like company investments.


And if you want to legally teach in China, you'll also need to prepare these documents:


Passport holder from one of the approved countries-the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa;

Authenticated Bachelor's Degree or above

TEFL/TESOL certificate or be a certified teacher in your home country with over 2 years work experience.



必须工作两年以上,或者持有TEFL, TESOL等外教资质证书。

Reference: HACOS瀚客 中国教育报

编辑: 田静怡