How to Seek Legal Aid in China


时间:2019-08-06 10:09:44

China's Ministry of Justice officially launched its English language website last month. The opening of the website was a major step to promote China’s law-based governance. It will also help better introduce the world to China's achievements in the rule of law and administration of justice.

On the website - readers can find out China's practices in law-based governance, reform measures and achievements in the country's judiciary sector, as well as foreign nations' experience in related fields.


English website of China's Ministry of Justice



It features six channels — Law-based governance, About Us, Media Center, Policies, Services and Contact Us, as well as four sectors introducing the China's Ministry of Justice – What We Do, Officials, Departments and Affiliated Units.

司法部英文网站设有六大一级栏目:Law-based governance(全面依法治国)、About us(关于司法部)、 Media center(新闻中心) Policies(政策发布) Services(法律服务) Contact us(互动交流)。

首页轮播大图下方设置了机构职能(What We Do)、部领导介绍(Officials)、组成部门(Departments)、直属单位(Affiliated Units)四个关于司法部的相关按钮,方便读者获取对应信息。

编辑: 田静怡