How to Attend a Chinese Wedding


时间:2019-08-09 10:11:55

What to wear? 怎么穿


Chinese weddings are often more flexible than Western weddings when it comes to the dress code. The bride and groom will be dressed up in full wedding getup, but you don’t want to outshine them, and you don’t have to. A rule of thumb is that the closer you are to the couple getting married, the smarter you should dress.

For gents, dressing smartly is still a good idea, but you certainly don’t need a tuxedo, and you might well not even need a suit. Smart trousers, shoes, a shirt (no tie) and sweater seemed to be the most standard attire. For women, the same flexibility applies. You’ll want to dress nicely, but you won’t want to outdo the bride.

Both men and women will want to avoid wearing black, which is the color of mourning in China. One of the brides outfits may be red, the color of weddings in China, so you may want to avoid that, too.

中国人的婚礼上对宾客不会有过多的着装要求,干净整洁就好。不过一般来说,如果跟新人的关系越好,越需要精心打扮一下~ 男士的话不需要穿过于正式,比如燕尾服、西装套装之类的。干净整洁的长裤配衬衫就很合适了。女士也一样,打扮稍微含蓄一些,不要盖过新娘的风头就好。


编辑: 田静怡