EXPLORING Attractions around Xi'an

时间:2019-08-16 11:22:56

You may get bored of the scenic spots in town, today let's look at some most recommended attractions around Xi'an. They present the authentic culture of the city. It is a good choice for tourists who are interested in both county landscape and local food and also want to know deeply about the customs.


Water Street, zhouzhi, Xi'an



Zhou Zhi Sha He Wetland Park is a national tourist attraction of AAAA level. Located 2km south of Zhou Zhi county, it is a large comprehensive theme park integrating public leisure, extraordinary experience, children's entertainment and eco-tourism.


Fucha Town, Jingyang county



Fucha Town is located at Shuangzhao Village, Jinghe New City, Xixian New Area. The highlight of Fucha Town is tea. It is a beautiful pastoral town integrating the cultures of tea, the customs of Shaanxi Central Plain and the Silk Road. Many Fu tea enterprises and manual Fu tea workshops here present the splendid history of ‘the Ancient Tea-Horse Road'.


编辑: 田静怡