You May Enter China Visa-Free W/ These Policies


时间:2019-09-03 10:54:59

Visa-free agreements


According to the bilateral agreements or agreements signed or concluded between China and other countries, certain travelers may enter China without a visa if they meet the preconditions listed in the abovementioned agreement.


As of May 2, 2019, citizens originating from the following 14 countries are authorized to travel to China with ordinary passports without applying for a visa in advance:


The United Arab Emirates, Barbados

Bahamas, Belarus,

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Fiji

Grenada, Qatar, Mauritius

Serbia, Seychelles, San Marino, Tonga


However, do note that the visa-free entry does not mean they are authorized to stay in the country indefinitely. The agreement only allows them to travel within China for no more than 30 days.

Should the traveler require a stay for more than 30 days, he or she should apply for a residence stopover as soon as possible to make sure their prolonged presence in China remains legal.

不过,免签入境并不等于无限期停留或居住。根据协定要求,持有关护照免签入境后,一般只允许停留不超过30日。持照人如需停留30 日以上,应按要求尽快在当地申请办理停居留手续。

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