You May Enter China Visa-Free W/ These Policies


时间:2019-09-03 10:54:59

Other visa-free policies



APEC business travel card holders. The APEC business travel card is equivalent to a 5-year, multi-entry visa, allowing the holder to enter China for multiple times within the validity period of the card, with each stay valid for up to 60 days.




Citizens holding ordinary passports from any of the 59 agreed-upon countries, including Russia and the United Kingdom, who are received by travel agencies established in Hainan, can enter the country without a visa from the ports open to foreign countries in Hainan and stay in this administrative region for no more than 30 days.



Tourist groups from 10 ASEAN countries (2 people or more) who are organized and received by tourist agencies certified by the Tourism Administration Department of Guilin, in Guangxi province, and enter or leave the country as a whole from Guilin airport port, may stay in this administrative region for no more than 6 days without visa.




Citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan with ordinary passports who come to mainland China for tourism, business, friends or family purposes, or on transit for no more than 15 days, can be exempted from applying for visas when entering China from ports open to foreigners.


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