New Zealanders Arrived in Xi’an


时间:2019-09-09 16:18:02


9 月8日,古都西安迎来了 “中新旅游年-新西兰千人游陕西暨西安仿唐入城仪式系列活动” 的第一批新西兰游客。在咸阳T3航站楼接机口处,71名游客一下飞机就受到“女皇武则天”“唐高宗李治”以及“宫女”们的盛装迎接,令他们格外惊喜,仿佛一下子穿越回了大唐盛世,大家纷纷上前与演员们拍照留影,更有游客表示已迫不及待要开启这场历史与文化之旅了。

On Sept. 8, the first tour group of ‘New Zealanders Tour to Shaanxi’ arrived at Xianyang airport. After they walked through the access gate, there is a surprise waiting for them. "Empress Wu Zetian", "Emperor Li Zhi" and "Royal Maid" dressed in ancient costume to welcome the tourist, seemed as if they came back to Tang Dynasty.

编辑: 田静怡