Schools to Stay Closed Until at Least Mar.2nd

时间:2020-02-11 17:32:44


The Shaanxi Provincial Government announced on Feb. 10th that schools of all levels will remain closed until at least March 2nd, according to a directive from the Provincial Department of Education. 


According to the announcement, "All types of schools and educational training institutions at all levels will not restart their schools on their own, nor will students return to school on their own, nor will they conduct offline teaching activities and collective activities." This means that all face-to-face instruction, school meetings, and any other public gatherings are not to be held.


The statement went on to state that schools should pursue online teaching activites as an alternative, specifically saying, ""Schools everywhere should fully consider online teaching, organize the online teaching activies well, etc. In order to alleviate possible network congestion and ensure the efficacy of online teaching, teaching activities can be implemented at  off-peak times."


It was also noted that schools should not begin the online classes before the original start of the semester and that the classes should  "...strictly control the length of online teaching without increasing the teaching burden of teachers or students' academic burdens; guide students to scientifically formulated home-study plans and develop good study and living habits."


The exact implementation of this is yet to be seen, so if you are working in a public school or university, contact your employer and check for information on how they will be executing their online classes.

编辑: 张雯妮