Updates on the Pneumonia Outbreak

时间:2020-02-18 11:42:21

By 9:00 February 18 2020, 22 new suspected cases have been reported in Shaanxi province. Feb.18 saw no new confirmed case. To date, 240 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) have been reported (79 was discharged from hospital after recovery), 116 imported cases, 109 close contacts and 15 had no clear contact history.
Among 240 confirmed cases, 117 are in Xi’an, 13 in Baoji, 17 in Xianyang, 8 in Tongchuan, 15 in Weinan, 8 in Yanan, 3 in Yulin, 25 in Hanzhong, 25 in Ankang, 7 in Shangluo, 1 in Yangling demonstration zone and 1 in Hancheng. So far 79 people are suspected of being infected in the province. 322 new close contacts have been traced, out of 16650 in total, all under medical observation. Additional 667 close contacts have been discharged from medical observation, with a total of 11339.
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编辑: 张雯妮