Transportation Update 02/25

时间:2020-02-25 18:46:57

As the epidemic situation continues to improve, the Xi'an Municipal Transportation Bureau made several announcements regarding transportation in the city, including the restored operation of many bus lines and subway entrances. Check the information below for details.

Bus Lines Restored

200 bus lines have been restored, and the number of buses for each line will increase to meet demand while maintaining the necessary epidemic control measures. 

These lines will also increase their operating hours. 

  • Operating Hours for 24 Lines (6:30-23:00)

  • Operating Hours for 36 Lines (6:30-22:00)

  • Operating Hours for 83 Lines (6:30-21:00)

Operating Hours for 57 Lines will be based on the original departure time.

Below is the list of the final buses for all lines currently in operation, organized by the time of the final bus.


The Xi'an Municipal Transportation Authority stated that all buses should be disinfectd before running their routes, and that passengers should listen to instructions from the drivers for proper epidemic management controls.

Subway Entrances Reopened

259 subway entrances will reopen for operation, though temperature checks and real-name registration will still be in place.

Trains will operate with maximum ventilation 18 hours a day, and regular disinfection of the cars will occur.

QR Codes have been placed in each car which passengers are asked to scan when riding the subway. This is to better trace possible infections more quickly and accurately.

Xi'an Airport-North Rail Station Subway Line Adjustment

The Airport Line will adjust the times between departures. The trains will depart every 9 minutes and 43 seconds instead of 19 minutes 26 seconds. 

Operating hours will be 7:00-21:00.

The seven stations that were closed on Feb. 15th will remain closed, meaning the only places to enter/exit this line will be the Airport and North Train Station stops.


编辑: 张雯妮