A hit video: We are all fighters 我们都是战士

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We Are All Fighters 

by Jessica Liu

This is a war without smoke, 


and we are all fighters. 



To the fighters


We are facing a dark time right now.

Some of us are stuck at home

Some are stuck far away from home

Some of us have lost their jobs,

Some have to shut down their businesses

Some of us are cutting down the expenses

Some can’t even pay their rent and bills 

 Some can’t go back to school

Some can’t get back to their jobs

 And some of us are still working day and night, 

no matter how exhausted they are 

Or how dangerous it is.

Some of us have become infected.

They are isolated from 

their families, their loved ones,

and have to be alone in the wards,

Or even worse,

it is their children,their parents, 

or loved ones that are infected

and they don’t even 

have a chance to say goodbye 


The virus is rampaging

The numbers are increasing 

The rumors are spreading

The fear is growing

It seems that all of a sudden 

the whole country lost its vitality and prosperity. 

You are not the only one who is worrying,

you are not the only one who is fearing,

You are not the only one who is struggling

We are all facing a dark time right now,

Our whole country is facing a dark time right now.


This is a war! 

It’s a war without guns, bombs, or smoke

But it’s a war with virus, doubts, 

fears, rumors, and discrimination. 

But we shall all be fighters, my dear fellows!

Not just the doctors, the nurses, the policemen

and the scientists who should fight

All of us should be the fighters in this war


We shall fight against fear

We shall fight against uncertainty

We shall fight against doubts

We shall fight against selfishness

We shall fight against rumors

We shall fight against discrimination

This is going to be a fierce and cruel war

But don’t be afraid, 

We’re going to win this war together in the end! 


Our people may get sick, 

our city may get sick,

but we as a brave nation

will never ever get sick

Because we have the spirit, 

history and determination to win.


We’ve been on this planet for over 5000 years.

We’ve witnessed much darker moments

We’ve been though much crueler trials


No matter it’s the war, invasion, starvation,

poverty or natural disasters 

We’ve always survived and 

We’ve always stood back up on our feet

We’ve always won in the end.  

And we will definitely win this time. 

We don’t know how long this will take, 

or what cost we have to pay,

But there’s one thing we are 100% sure

That is

We are going to win this war in the end! 

Because that’s what we’ve been doing 

for the past 5000 years.

And that’s what makes us 

the greatest nation ever

It is only by going through dark times 

that we can separate the greatest from the great.

In each dark time,

We’ve always fought together 

No matter how strong our enemy was

Or how impossible it seemed to win

We just kept fighting 

Because we are all fighters!

When all of this is over, 

we’ll have another great and heroic story 

to tell our children, our grandchildren 

and they will tell the next generations. 

That’s how we’ll pass this great spirit on, 

and keep it alive forever!



编辑: 张雯妮