What to Do If Your 一码通 QR Code Changes Color

时间:2020-03-25 09:59:24

Recently, we’ve had a lot of questions regarding the 一码通, the QR code that is being used to track the epidemic and help prevent the virus from spreading again. This code is required for entry into most buildings, the subway, and other public places. It has rapidly become an essential requirement for moving about the city.
The code will display one of three different colors, depending on your current status and risk level.

Green means that you are good to go. You should be able to move about the city freely.
Yellow means that you may have come in contact with a close contact or general contact case and that you should self-isolate to see if you develop any symptoms. Many places will not allow you to enter with a yellow code and you will not be able to take public transportation, cabs, or Didi.
Red means that you might have come in contact with a known carrier of the virus and that you should immediately contact the local health authorities or your community/building management so that they can take appropriate steps to help you get quarantined. You should not try to move about the city or take any form of transportation.

If you previously had a green QR code that has suddenly changed to either yellow or red, this may indicate that you have been exposed due to you recent movements around the city. However, this is also a new system, which means that glitches are bound to happen. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to try to solve this problem.

It may be a connection problem
The QR code is refreshed often by connecting to a central database that keeps a record of everyone’s movements. If your phone is not connected to internet, or if you are experiencing a weak signal, the code may change to a different color in error. Finding a place with stronger signal or WIFI and refreshing the code may solve this error. If the problem persists, you may try restarting WeChat or even your phone to see if the error corrects itself.

If you think it's an error, you can appeal

If your code has inexplicably changed colors, and you are mostly positive that it should not have, you can file a complaint through the 西安大数据 (Xi’an Big Data) official WeChat account.


Once at their main page, you select the rightmost menu and then the final option “一码通”申领. This will take you to the main menu of the application.


At the bottom of the page is a blue text hyperlink that says 三色码申诉通道 or “Three-color Code Appeal Portal”
Once through, you will be brought to the application, which is moderately complex.

Fill out the information as you see below. (Further detail on steps 10 and 11 below)


To get your movement record, extract the QR code. Fill in your phone number and set to receive a verification code. 


Once done, you should receive either a green arrow or a red heart. 


Upload that image by clicking the plus sign on step 11.

Once you submit successfully, you will need to wait. Once your request has been processed, your code should then revert back to being green. If not, you may need to submit the appeal again.


编辑: 张雯妮