4 Shaanxi Museums to Reopen for Trial Run

时间:2020-03-25 10:01:15

It was announced today that four Shaanxi museums would reopen their doors starting March 25th for a trial run to determine if similar sites might be able to begin operations as well. 

These museums have put in place several control measure to ensure that epidemic prevention protocols are in place. These measures include daily restrictions on the number of visitors, a limit to the number of vistors inside at any given time, a requirement for visitors to wear a mask at all times, and temperature checks before entering the building. All visitors are require to make an online reservation and be in possession of a green 一码通 QR code.

The museums that will do this trial run are:

  • The Shaanxi History Museum

  • The Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang Museum

  • The Forest of Steles Museum

  • The Emperor Hanjing Yangling Museum

You may make your reservations by following the instructions below. For details and other information may also be found below.


Shaanxi History Museum

1. 开放时间:9:00—17:30(16:00停止入场) ;每周一闭馆(除国定假日外)。

1. Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 30 (stop admission at 16:00) ; closed every Monday (except national holidays).


2. During the trial opening period, only individual customers (individuals) will be accepted for appointment, with a daily limit of 2,000 people.

3. 观众可提前2日(含当天)通过陕西历史博物馆票务系统微信公众号预约,预约成功后凭西安“一码通”绿码(健康码)取票。

3. The audience can make an appointment through the WeChat public account of the ticketing system of the Shaanxi History Museum 2 days in advance (including the same day). After the reservation is made, the ticket can be collected with the "One Code Pass" green code (health code) of Xi'an.


4. Only one ticket can be reserved for each reservation order, and each ID is limited to one ticket per day. Be sure to take a screenshot to save the reservation information.


5. On the day of the visit, you must show your original valid ID, a screenshot of the appointment, and a real-time Xi'an “One Code Pass” (health code).


6. Please be sure to visit the museum according to the appointment period. If you miss the appointment period, you will be refused admission.


7. Visitors must wear masks during the whole process. Please keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters to avoid gathering when queuing and viewing. You must take a temperature measurement before entering the museum. If your temperature is equal to or above 37.3C, you will not be allowed admission.


8. During the epidemic prevention and control period, basic displays and temporary exhibitions are free of charge. The Tang Dynasty Relics Exhibition, Mural Museum, West Underground, Catering District, Cultural and Creative Stores, etc. will temportarily not be opened due to the lack of the required opening conditions.


9. It is recommended that the audience visit time be controlled to within 2 hours, so as not to cause crowding in closed-in places.


10. During the epidemic prevention and control, our library will only provides self-guided tour explanation equipment, not manual explanation; daily disinfection in public open areas; visitors and workersshould wear masks during the whole process; visitors should keep a certain distance (more than 1.5 meters).The number of instant receptions in our library is not more than 300. When there is a high density of personnel in the library, we will take measures to control the speed of admission according to the specific circumstances.


Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang

1 开放时间:每日9:00-16:00 

1. Opening hours: 9: 00-16: 00 daily


2. Ticket purchasing method:


The Mausoleum of the First Emperor Qin Shihuang has implemented a personal real-name online reservation ticketing system, suspended team reception, and cancelled on-site ticket sales and reservation services.

Visitors can pre-purchase tickets through the museum's official ticketing website, WeChat public account, and OTA network platform. Please reserve tickets at least 24 hours in advance, and go to visit after confirmation.


3. Current limit policy:


According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the maximum number of spectators received by the Emperor Qin Shi's Mausoleum in a single day should not exceed 8,000 people, and temporary closing measures will be taken when the ceiling is exceeded.

All exhibition halls will implement flow control measures according to the real-time audience, please obey the guidance and instructions.


4. Visiting process:


Visitors enter the square to verify the appointment information with their personal ID.


Attendees must show their Xi'an real-time "one code pass", and a green code must be displayed before entering the temperature measurement channel.


The audience can take their temperature and body temperature below 37.3 ℃, and they can go to the ticket examination area without any abnormalities such as cough and shortness of breath.


The policy-free ticket holders, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign audiences will go to the ticket center to apply for admission tickets after receiving the epidemic-related tests.


Xi'an Beilin Museum

1. 开放时间:08:30-17:30(16:45停止入馆) 

1. Opening hours: 08: 30-17: 30 (closed at 16:45)

2. 开放范围:

2. Open scope:


Exhibition Halls 1 to 7, Stone Carving Art Gallery and New Stone Carving Art Museum.


Temporary exhibition halls, tourist service centers, and tourist shops are temporarily closed.

3. 门票优惠:

3. Ticket discount:


From the date of reopening until May 31, 2020, visitors can visit for free; from the date of reopening until December 31, 2020, national medical workers, prominent contributors to the "epidemic" war, and support to the front line of Hubei Medical staff, front-line medical staff in the province, and their family members with valid certificates can visit for free.


4. Visit steps and precautions:

观众须通过西安碑林博物馆微信公众号进行实名注册、线上预约,凭预约二维码及西安“一码通”绿码于预约日到馆,经工作人员核验后有序入馆(每人每日可预约1次), 每日参观人数限额为1000人。

Visitors must register with their real names and make an online reservation through the WeChat public account of the Xi'an Beilin Museum. The visitor must arrive on the reservation day with the reservation QR code and the Xi'an “One Code Pass” green code. Reservations can be made once a day, with a daily limit of 1,000 people.


All visitors enter the museum from the east gate (south side), and exit from the east gate (north side). Visitors are required to undergo security inspection, registration, and temperature measurement when entering the hall. If the body temperature is higher than 37.2 ° C or those who have cough and other symptoms will be refused admission.


During the epidemic prevention and control, you must wear a mask during the entrance and visit. Please keep a safe distance of more than 1.5 meters when queuing and viewing. Avoid gathering and follow the guidance of staff.


Manual guide services have been suspended, those interested can be provided with audio guide rental services; large groups will not be accepted, nor will research activities and social education activities.


Emperor Hanjing  Yangling Museum


1. Open area:


The outdoor area of the Museum, the Hanyang Mausoleum Archaeological Exhibition Hall and the Nanliaomen Site Protection Exhibition Hall are open. The exhibition hall and other service facilities of the Tibetan pit site outside the emperor's mausoleum will be gradually reopened depending on the epidemic situation.


2. Opening hours:


Every day from 09:00 to 17:00, entry stops at 16:30.


3. Appointment notice:


In order to ensure the safety and health of tourists, all tourists must make online time-sharing appointments. The maximum daily reception is 2,000 people (the instantaneous number of visitors to the archeological exhibition hall will not exceed 200 people). Reservations can be made once a day.

预约方式为,登陆“汉阳陵国家考古遗址公园微信公众号——为您服务——预约系统, 汉景帝阳陵博物院微信公众号——门票预约 ”,进行实名注册、线上预约。

To make an appointment, log in to the "Weixin Public Account of Hanyangling National Archaeological Site Park- For Your Service-Reservation System, Hanjing Emperor Yangling Museum WeChat Public Account-Ticket Reservation ", perform real-name registration and make an online appointment.


After the appointment is successful, go to the scenic area in an orderly manner after checking with the QR code and the personal electronic identification green code of Xi'an.

编辑: 张雯妮