Taste Bud Decoding: Sweetness on the Table

时间:2020-05-09 15:35:18

The first experience of Sichuan food is spicy, but in fact, the harmony of multiple flavors is the core of the Shu (Sichuan) food.   


In cooking, sugar and seasoner work together to create unique flavors such as lychee and chili sauce. 


The main dish of Sichuan banquet,which includes nine dishes per table, is delicious pork bellies with glutinous rice, red bean paste and brown sugar. 

Cook pork until medium, cut into thin slices, with 90% fat, 10% thin, and add brown sugar.     


The pork with boiled brown sugar puts on a warm color. 


The grease from pork puts on the sweet glutinous rice.Left with a sandy, soft waxy and sweet.


Shaanxi Traditional Folk Feast

Eight-Treasure Rice Pudding

Eight-treasure Rice Pudding is famous for excellent color, good smell, delicious taste and delicate shape.It is an indispensable delicacy at Shaanxi banquet.     

Glutinous rice as the main material, it is usually accompanied by nutritious fruits and vegetables such as red dates, lotus seed, lily, and seed of Job's tears. It varies from time to time and from place to place, with walnuts, hawthorn cake, raisins, peanuts, fern hemp, cherry and other side materials.


Its shape is a sphere, so it is known as "gulu" in Shaanxi.

Fried, and hooked to honey juice,and it becomes golden color, crispy outside tender, and extremely good taste.   

This dish has good color, fragrance and shape, and is an indispensable traditional dish at local banquet.

Traditional Iced Rice-Pudding with Honey

Traditional Iced Rice-Pudding with Honey is so special because it doesn't contain stuffing or leaves.It is made of glutinous rice, shaped like diamond. 

When eating, it is drenched with honey, rose and osmanthus syrup. The mouth is full of honey. It is cold and sweet. It has a unique flavor.

编辑: 张雯妮