​Taste Bud Decoding: Secret of Water

时间:2020-05-09 16:10:39

01 Bajau's Seafood 

Bajau,the aborigines who relying on seafood to supply sugar, is the world's last marine nation who lives in Malaysia.

Most of their diet needs come from the ocean.

Using sea urchins as containers to cook, seafood with carbohydrates, delicious at the same time can quickly replenish energy.

Sea Urchin Rice Ball

Tripneustes Gratilla

Sweet Shrimp mixed with Sea Urchin

Braised Sea Urchin with Shrimps

It's not only the rich glycogen in fresh seafood that can provide the food with sweet taste,but also the free amino acids in the sea urchin can also make people experience the beauty of sweet,  and the charming taste that people can't refuse.

02 Summer Limited Gorgon Fruit in Suzhou

Gorgon fruit, a large aquatic herb, becomes unnoticeable summer sweetness in Suzhou.

The shape of the flower bud is like a chicken head. It is the best time to pick when it is about to be ripe.

Gorgon Fruit in medium well's ripened has the highest sugar content. Suzhou people calls it 'Dadan' for its appearance and taste of sweet.

Gorgon Fruit Gruel with Sugar

Gorgon Fruit Gruel with Almond

Iced Gorgon Fruit with Tomato

Gorgon Fruit with all kinds of food creat the sweetest taste.

03 Shaanxi Traditional Rice Wine

Shaanxi Rice Wine inherits thousand years of history and promotes Chinese Rice Wine culture. It is still used by traditional craft brewing method.

The taste is so sweety, mellow and original.

Shaanxi Rice Wine is rich in human amino acids with 16 kinds. And it contains a variety of vitamins, sugars, organic acids, proteins, peptides, inorganic salts and so on.

Moderate consumption can improve immunity, promote metabolism, smooth the muscles and activate blood circulation, prolong life and other good effects. So it has a very high nutritional value.

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