Luo Fei from Barbados: Tasty Food in My Shaanxi

时间:2020-05-22 17:56:48

Luo Fei, a Barbados big boy, has been in Shaanxi for 5 years. He loves to travel and taste local food. For example, he has been to Mount Hua, Terracotta Warriors, tasted Biang noodle and Roujiamo. In his words, "I am too familiar with Shaanxi."

Shaanxi people are very enthusiastic. And they are especially crazy about food.

In the five years in Shaanxi, I have participated in a lot of activities, such as the TV program of celebrating the Spring Festival, the TV program of "Talk", and the spring reunion meeting in Xi'an. Shaanxi people are very enthusiastic, I know Chinese friends particularly like to go out and hangout, such as going to KTV, watching movies, going shopping. And I also realized that Xi'an people love to eat whenever they go. At night they love to drink a lot, get drunk then go home.

My impression of Shaanxi can be summarized in two words; Delicious Food! Shaanxi just has such delicious cuisine, like Yangroupaomo and all different kinds of noodles. I also like to work out, but it's hard for me to control weight because I live in Xi’an where there is so much delicious food.

I like Qujiang Lake best, because my country is an island, my family’s home is also by the sea. So I often go to Qujiang Lake to listen to the sound of water, that makes me feel like I am in my hometown. Now, the city is returning to normal, and there are also a lot people who want to be close to the beauty of nature. So now everyone usually goes there for a walk. The area has really become a lot more crowded recently.

I reflect myself during the epidemic

I think the epidemic also brought me a lot of time to reflect on myself. I am aware of many of my problems and bad habits that are not conducive to self-development. There were a lot of things I couldn't figure out before the epidemic, and now I'm finally thinking about them. Now I can go my own way more confidently and develop myself better. There is an old Chinese saying goes that  “When facing the sea, it feels as if the warmth of spring has begun to bloom” For me, I feel like my life is like that now, like a new adventure is afoot!

After the epidemic, my teachers and friends said that I became fat. Recently, I rediscovered the beauty of living in Xi'an. I spent a period of time in Qujiang, enjoying the beauty of nature.

I have a lot of new plans. Most of them are secrets, so I can't tell you. But I can say that my goal is to continue to develop myself and to be a better and stronger person. I don't want to stop learning, keep making progress and do everything I can to be the best.


Normal life is nice

I didn't remember where I first went, the gym or the cafe. I went to the gym because I missed a lot and gained a few pounds during the epidemic, so I wanted to lose weight as soon as possible. I went to the cafe just to sit in the cafe and relax and read a book. I really enjoy the quiet moments of life, where I can get rid of all the stress of my daily life.

When I first came back to the gym after the epidemic, I didn't feel anything special. Only happy, finally I can start training. When I went to the coffee shop, I felt more deeply. During the epidemic, it was like a preparation for me, and then the city returned to normal. The day I sat in the coffee shop, suddendly I realized that I must work hard and be myself in a down-to-earth manner, no more procrastination or hesitation.

编辑: 张雯妮