Alam from Pakistan: I Love Mount Hua in Shaanxi

时间:2020-05-22 18:20:12


Zahoor Alam, from Pakistan, is a master student of biology at Northwestern Polytechnical University. Before coming to China, Zahoor Alam only knew that Shaanxi is an important birthplace of the Chinese culture and a place with excellent educational resources. But in just two years, Zahoor Alam has known much more about Shaanxi.


Shaanxi Steeped in History

The reason why I am in Xi'an, Shaanxi, is that it is a beautiful historical city, where there are great Terracotta Warriors.

It is also a beautiful modern city, which is similar to Beijing and Shanghai in China. The Internet is highly developed in Xi'an. As long as you have a smartphone, you can solve all problems.


One notable advantage of Shaanxi is its low prices. Although it is also a modern metropolis, the prices here is relatively low compared with Beijing. Moreover, it is also a place with abundant educational resources. Northwestern Polytechnical University where I am studying at is also one of the top military engineering universities in China.

Hope that the epidemic will leave our lives soon

In the start of epidemic, my friends and I paniced a bit but now everything is back to normal. China has done a good job in fighting against the virus. 


Many students didn't come back to China for the reasons of epidemic, so we continued to learn online. I have spent most time in my room sleeping, learning and eating. Some times I can walk in our university or outside the university. I often run in our university. I am eager for going back to campus, and I am missing our class and lab. 

Mount Hua, a Beautiful Mountain

Shaanxi is also rich in ecological resources. Qinling is the geographical north-south boundary of China, and Mount Hua is also a very beautiful mountain.

The altitude of Mount Hua is relatively high, the mountain is precipitous and the scenery is beautiful. Overall, Mount Hua is a very beautiful hiking place. I was so happy I finally reached the peak and I took a pictures. I saw the amazing sunset and  I have beautiful memories at picturesue and majestic Mt.hua.


编辑: 张雯妮