Theme Parks are Opening in Xi'an

时间:2020-06-09 14:58:59

Summer is coming so where will you go?

We are introducing you some interesting parks.

Chill and relax!

Qujiang Polar Ocean Park 

This is the first large ocean theme park in Xi'an to display polar animals.

There are penguins, polar bears, polar wolves, dolphins, sea lions, seals and other lovely polar animals.

During the resumption of trial business from May 22 to May 29, you can also make a reservation for admission free of charge.

What are you waiting for such a good opportunity?


1. Opening hour: 09:00-17:30

2. Stop checking tickets: 16:00

3. Close time: 17:30


1. From May 21 to May 28, 2020, the park will update the number of free tickets the following day at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00.

2. Qujiang Ocean Polar Park annual card (the effective date is extended for the actual number of closed days plus free opening days), Qujiang free card and other member users, national medical staff, are in accordance with the reservation process.

3. Please be sure to confirm on the order page whether the ticket has been issued successfully. If the ticket fails, it means that the no-ticket quota is full on that day.

4. Tourists who do not have a smartphone need to make an appointment with the help of their family. After the appointment is successful, the reservation telephone number and valid certificate are used to cash the ticket at the ticket window of the scenic spot, or to enter the park with their ID card.

5. Children (less than 1.2 meters, including 1.2 meters) enter the park without appointment and accompanied by their parents.


1. Before entering the park, tourists should complete the following steps: [show reservation certificate], [my second generation ID card or account book], [scan code pass "identification number], [measure body temperature]

2. The indoor performance trial business period will be suspended.

3. Scenic spot tour route: first polar hall, then aquarium.

4. Please wear a mask throughout the tour and keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters from others. If there are fever, dry cough and other physical discomfort symptoms, please dial the scenic spot consultation hotline in time, cooperate with the scenic spot staff to go to the temporary observation point of epidemic prevention and control.

5. When the tourist vehicle enters the parking lot (the entrance of Bei Chi Tau Road), please cooperate with the staff to disinfect the vehicle, prevent the epidemic and so on.

Shaanxi Provincial Library


Shaanxi Provincial Library is scheduled to resume opening in an orderly manner from May 26, 2020 (Tuesday), and the reservation current restriction service will be implemented.

Opening time:

Tuesday to Sunday: 10: 00 16: 00; Monday: closed all day (during epidemic)

Service area:

1. Open some books, newspapers and periodicals loan and return services; open some books and newspapers reading services. Lectures, exhibitions, offline activities and so on continue to be suspended. All kinds of online digital resources and online lectures and exhibitions normally carry out services.

2. Open the reading area of current Chinese newspapers and periodicals, the Consulting Office of Chinese Books, and the first to fifth districts of Chinese book lending. Other service windows, readers' restaurants, mobile service vehicles, children's branch on West Street, 24-hour self-help library, branch outside the library are not open.



1. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, our library shall make appointments every day:

Online reservation time is: 10:00-13:00 and 13:00-16:00,

There are 300 reservations per time, and 600 places are open for online appointments per day.

2. Readers must wear masks all the way to the museum, consciously queue up, do not gather.

3. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, readers should show their reservation code when entering the library, and scan the "Xi'an citizens QR Code" to verify that no abnormal and normal body temperature can enter the library.

4. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 , it must wait for reexamination in the remaining area outside the museum. Those whose body temperature still exceeds the normal temperature shall be refused entry and reported to the epidemic prevention and control department in a timely manner.

Lehua 88℃ Spring Water World

Opening time:June 6th


1. During the epidemic period, the scenic spot implements the upper limit control mechanism of passenger flow, please make an appointment to buy tickets in advance;

Second, in order to avoid the gathering of people, the outdoor equipment of the park is mainly used during the epidemic situation.

3. Please wear a mask when entering the garden;

4. Please cooperate with the staff of the park to do a good job of relevant inspection (certificate verification, body temperature check, information registration, etc.);

5. Please pay attention to public health, do a good job of self-protection, and abide by civilized tourism norms.


编辑: 张雯妮