Subway stations with a wow factor

时间:2020-06-09 19:06:17

What's your first impression of subway station?

Only convenience?

Entering Xi'an subway station, you may be surprised!


Surrounded by beautiful, dazzling murals, you would feel like you are in the art gallery

Why not stop your busy steps this weekend and enjoy the beautiful pictures in the subway station!

Qinglong Temple Station


Qinglong temple is as quiet as shown on this beautiful mural

Cherry blossoms and lush trees have blocked the sky

By just a glimpse, they will attract you to the ancient and mysterious kingdom of Tang Dynasty

Auspicious cloud totem decorated on the ceiling adds a solemn and peaceful atmosphere to the bustling subway station

Daming Palace Station


The Daming Palace was the most magnificent palace in the world at that time

Now, the murals in the subway station reappear the grand scene of Tang Dynasty

Bright colors in the mural and perfect integration of exotic and Chinese elements show the beautiful idea of openness and inclusiveness in China in all ages. 

Tang Paradise Station

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The gentle and dignified ladies of the Tang Dynasty on the wall with gorgeous clothes and colors and a graceful bearing show the tenderness of ladies in the Tang Paradise

Kaiyuan Gate Station


Kaiyuan gate was the northernmost gate of Chang'an city wall in the Sui and Tang Dynasties

It was also the starting point of the Silk Road in the Sui and Tang Dynasties

Now, with simple color, the murals in the subway station sketch a silk road style featured by business travel and camel bells

Shanglin Road Station


Shanglin Road Station of line 1 is named after

Shanglin garden in Qin and Han Dynasties

The murals represent the lush trees in the garden

Tall buildings vary from place to place hidden in a vast and magnificent mountain

It truly deserved to be one of the most famous gardens in the history of China

Anyuanmen Station


Anyuanmen station is marked with the north gate of Xi'an city wall

On the cultural wall are vivid, orderly cavalry

Standing there, you'd feel as if you can hear the drum beating and a strong army fighting

Dachaishi Station


Dachaishi remains bustling to the present

It is located at the intersection of East Street and Jiefang Road

The horses in the murals are in different shapes and mainly painted in yellow, green and blue

Merchants riding camels are full of exotic customs

They spread the ancient Chinese culture to Europe

Xi'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The subway station of Xi'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine gives people a fresh look

The large peach flowers on the ceiling is so inspiring

Bright and low key color makes the whole space so gentle and beautiful

Bell Tower Station


The logo of Bell Tower subway station is "Bell Tower", the landmark building of Xi'an

Six groups of Qin opera characters on the cultural wall are extremely attractive. 

The overall color is bright with a sharp contrast, making the character on a silver gray background all the more vivid and adding more charm to Qin Opera. 

Xingzheng Center Station


Entering the station, you can see a lush bamboo forest with vivid carving

Brass bamboo is very novel against the background of gray and white wall

Wild Goose Pagoda Station


The yellow lines on the ceiling of the subway station are bright

Marble carvings on the side of the wall are solemn and fashionable helping Wild Goose Pagoda station stand out in a group of stations with simplicity

Are you tempted after watching these fantastic murals in subway stations? Beautiful as the photos are, they can't be more shocking than what you see. Let's punch in at most beautiful subway stations in Xi'an!


编辑: 张雯妮